`Thunderbirds are GO!`

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Thunderbirds Are Go!” Are you familiar with the Secret Headquarters of the International Rescue Organisation known as Tracy Island> Do you know Scott Tracy, Brains or maybe even Lady Penelope and her pink Rolls Royce? If any of these names ring a bell then you might have caught an episode... Continue Reading →

“Why is the rum always gone? (stands up and staggers drunkenly) Oh… that’s why.”

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Here is another LCD handheld game made by Sunwing. This cursed little gem was found in a treasure chest just off the Isla De Muerta (an island of the dead which is located in the sunny Caribbean) I definitely struck it lucky with this beauty! errr.. just kidding! That's of course unless... Continue Reading →

“It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

Jim Henson's - Muppets - Street Surfin' - Tiger Electronics 1990 The Muppets were first introduced to our TV screens back in the mid 50's in the TV show Sam and Friends. The minds behind these loveable puppet creatures was Jim Henson and his wife Jane. These mischievious yet loveable characters became celebrities in their... Continue Reading →

Could It Be Magic Now…

Polly Pocket - 1994 - Tiger Electronics 'Imagine a world just like yours only tinier and much more magical! That's the world of Polly Pocket and she wants you to join her there. Come play on the playground with Polly and her friends Willie, Diddy, Tina and Midge! But when you play with Polly nothing... Continue Reading →

Slay All day.

Tom's Adventure - Sunwing - 1983 LCD games (Liquid Crystal Display) were extremely popular in the 80's and became the source of entertainment for many children and adults alike. They were cheap to make, affordable to buy and great for popping in your bag or jeans pocket when travelling out and about. This pocket treasure... Continue Reading →

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